Demo Songs – News

Awarded Film composer Luigi Pulcini created the orchestral arrangements for KAY TOKNER.

Translating any music into a full orchestral arrangement is always a challenge. There are so many details, in terms of texture, colors, dynamics that you need to take into account while you work on an orchestration. “Fly Away” showcases a wide palette of musical situations, from the softest and most expressive melodic lines to the most majestic and powerful full orchestral passages. And this is already a challenge by itself. But what made this work particularly compelling is that we decided to build the orchestration around the original piano performance Mr. Tokner provided me with. That was the most challenging aspect of the whole production: creating an orchestration that were able to maintain the exact feeling and the right intention of the piano performance “It was a true pleasure working for you on this project.” Luigi Pulcini».

DEMO file will be available in 2-3 weeks