Currently we are performing our online auditions Entry Level for upcoming official KAY TOKNER artists in different countries all over the world. The auditions will be finished at November 30, 2017. The auditions for Advanced Level and Expert Level will start at 01.02.2018 until 30.11.2018. More information will be given in a few weeks.

Qualifying examination (3 KAY TOKNER pieces)
Please note: The 3 test pieces have a duration from 3-4 minutes and have a difficulty grade easy to medium. (Entry Level)
If you want to take part at the qualifing examination please send us your email to: with a short bio of your person. After getting your informations you will receive further instructions and the three test pieces which you have to record on a real grand piano/piano. Please provide a video of your playing as well (video quality needs to be ok but not professional)

Pianist:  Stefan Jancic

First Impressions from the Auditions 2017

Final Candidate for Head of European Music Manager (piano) – Aleksa Colakovic

KAY TOKNER_Audition_2
KAY TOKNER_Audition_3
KAY TOKNER_Audition_2
KAY TOKNER_Audition_5
KAY TOKNER_Audition_4
KAY TOKNER_Audition_6
KAY TOKNER_Audition__european_manager

Some candidates which passed the 1. Audition

Pianist: Alexey Begletsov (Music Manager: Alex Goroshko) Ukranie

Pianist: Dasha Demidovich (Music Manager: Gleb Dudko) Bosnia

Pianist: Kristina Philipchenko (Music Manager: Gleb Dudko) Bosnia

Pianist: Daria Gromova  (Music Manager: Gleb Dudko) Bosnia

Pianist Young Artists:  Yuyang Xie (Music Manager: Kay Tokner) Canada

Pianist Young Artists: Samuel Winter (Music Manager: Kay Tokner) Germany

Pianist: Luigi Rassolini (Music Manager: Kay Tokner) Italia

Pianist Young Artists: Lucien Vaultier (Music Manager: Kay Tokner) France

Pianist Young Artists:  Yuyang Xie , Canada

Final candidate for job position: Head of European Music Manager (piano)

Mr. Alexa Colakovic (left)

Pianists: Nadja Jaksic, Stefan Jancic, Alexa Colakovic

Final candidate for job position: Head of Asia Music Manager (piano)

still under selection

Final candidate for job position: Head of America Music Manager (piano)

still under selection


Auditions 2017 – Entry Level



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